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About Blu Paw Networks

The Beginnings

Blu Paw Networks began as a small personal project by one person, That person previously ran Blu Paw Radio(BPR) but decided he wanted to start doing other things. Then came BPR’s parent company – Blu Paw Networks (BPN). The domain name, blupaw.net, registered on November, 3rd, 2012 signaled the beginning of this project.

Over the years Blu Paw Networks ran IRC Networks, offered Icecast hosting, and other minor services but never really took off, the whole project was pretty much halted due to irl work and not having or even taking time to work on it.


Theres a reason we came back, a friend of mine started talking to me about some projects of his own, I figured that I could probably help out and maybe this combined could give me somewhat of a restart. That friend of mine brought me Hydraudio – a modern metal/rap artist that is anti-government and anti-establishment. While we are still quite small at this point, we will continue to attempt to grow and prove that hard work can make success happen.