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What do we use

This page will just show what server providers we use and also tell you about those servers as much as I can. There will also be speed tests embedded on this page from those servers



Mew is hosted on OVH/SoYouStart in the BHS-5 data center on Rack T05C16,Mew picks up most of the heavy hauling as a more advanced dedicated server, It primarly runs Virtual Machines, media storage, and the main streaming server for Blu Paw Networks
Product Name: E5-SAT-1-64 Server – E5-1620 – 64GB – E5-1620 – SoftRaid 2x2To

Stats (According to SYS)
Motherboard: Supermicro X9SRE/X9SRE-3F
CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1620 0 @ 3.60GHz
Memory: 4 x 16384 MB (64gb)
Disks: 2 x 2000GB SATA


Hika is hosted on RamNode in Seattle Washington, Hika runs random server assignments (icecast, znc, other services)
Product Name: SKVMS1024

Stats: 1024mb/1gb ram
2×2.4ghz qemu CPU
1xIPv4 and 1x/64 IPv6
20gb SSD Storage
PHPsysInfo https://hika.blupaw.net/phpsysinfo


Xana is hosted on LetBox in Dallas Texas, Xana runs the main web servers powering Blu Paw Networks

Product Name: Custom (Acquired from LowEndBox.com)

Stats: 2048mb/2gb ram
4×2.0ghz qemu CPU
1xIPv4 and 1x/64 IPv6
400gb HDD(assumed) Storage


skysilk.test.blupaw.net is hosted on SkySilk Cloud in Los Angeles California (NOT CONFIRMED), Skysilk is a testing server and a IRC server supporting our home irc network MyCoolDude

Product Name: Custom (Acquired from provider’s beta test)

Stats: 1024mb/1gb ram
2×2.7ghz Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2680
60gb SSD Storage
PHPsysInfo https://skysilk.test.blupaw.net/phpsysinfo